Building your Homemade Packing shipping Peanut Hopper


Here you go guys as promised how I made my homemade peanut dispenser.  Look at all the supplies and go get them.  This will not run you that much money to make, but it will take you a couple hours.





So these are all the supplies you need.  I forgot to put PVC glue on there.  I believe you can have home depot cut the PVC to the 3 foot sections that you need.  If you can’t find a 6′ x 12′ tarp just get one that is at least 12′ because you will be cutting it to a 12′ x 5.5′   You need a heavy duty needle, I recommend a yarn needle.

Assemble your PVC square with the elbows and the glue.  It will come out as a perfect 3′ x 3′ x 3′ PVC square.  Now we will work on cutting your tarp.  You are going to need a tape measure for this and a little common sense.



Please excuse my artistic computer skills.  I hope you get the point.  First cut the tarp so it is 12′ x 5 1/2′.  Then you will need to start marking where you will be cutting out your triangles.  The best way is to measure down 3′ on your 5 1/2′ side and mark it. Then put a dot every 1.5′ on the bottom those will be the tips of your triangles.  Then go back up to your mark where you marked it at 3′ and start putting dots every 3′ across.  Those will be the inside tips of your triangle.  I hope you don’t get lost, just look at the picture.  So now just get something straight and draw lines from the tips of the teeth to the inside tips so you’re drawing mountains.  Now just cut all those mountains out.  You should be looking at a tarp that is shaped like the one in the picture, a little less cartoony I hope.

It’s sewing time baby!.  This is probably the most time consuming of the whole process so grab a drink and kick back in front of the TV and have your wife sew everything for you.  That’s how I did it!  Grab your oversized needle for sewing the strong twine.  You are going to first wrap it around like a sleeping bag and sew both of your 3 ft sections together, so you’re left with a big ass lamp shade shape thing with teeth.

Now grab your beautiful PVC square that you created.  Fit it into the top of the tarp, wrap one side over it and start sewing it.  See the picture below.  You will need to skip sewing the corners, because you will need to have access to the corners for tying the rope.peanut hopper


Now take that 6″ damper and duct.  You are going to cut the tips of the tarp teeth off just a little so they are flat.  Feed all of them over the duct and put your 6″ clamp over all of it.  Tighten it down so the chute is straight.  OMG it’s almost done.

You can see how the corners where cut off and not sewn so the rope can be tied to it.  You will take one piece of your rope and tie it to a corner then tie it to other corner diagonally across from it.  Then take another piece and tie it to the other corner and the one diagonally across from it.  Now lift it up in the center so you can find the center of the x and tie your lowering rope to the center.



Now the last part is just to mount your screw-in eyelet to the ceiling where you want the bag and run the rope through it.   The last thing is you need a place to tie the rope to when you raise it.  I put 2 hooks on the end of mine.  One of the hooks is tied in where the bag is raised and the other is tied in at the lowered position that is easiest to fill at.  I took a flag pole mount and used that to hook my hooks in, but you could use anything that will work.

That’s it guys I hope you got some good info from this.  If you liked it you can share all of this below.

Let’s go make some money

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