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About Us

I am Gilldaddy and my beautiful wife is Gillmomma.  We have two awesome kids Gillboy and Gillgirl.  We have been selling on eBay full time since 2012.  We started posting videos on YouTube on how we make our income and we were very surprised to see how many people out there were desperately trying to do the same.  What started out as just a couple of helpful videos turned into lots of people everywhere taking what we teach and turning it into cash.

 It all started in 2000when we listed our first item on eBay.  I was currently in the Army in Ft. Campbell Ky.  We were just doing it to make some extra cash in our spare time.  We were hooked instantly.  Back then we used dial up internet, the process was slow but rewarding.  Throughout the years we listed on eBay off and on for supplemental income.  I always wanted this to be full time, but never went past that step.

I started a mobile tool company in 2007.  The business made me about 80k my first year.  I was truly happy that I finally was a business owner and loved what I did.  In 2009 the economy was horrible and my income kept dropping until one day I came home and said, “I am done with this business”.   I was forced to give up my house, my cars, and my business.  My credit was now destroyed and we were in debt up to our ears.

I went to work at a regular job just like everyone else, while going to college full time.  Gillmomma also had a full time job.  We never had time for each other.  I went back to doing eBay on the side, while trying to keep a full time job  and a full time college schedule.  Soon I was making more on eBay than my job was paying me.  I quit my job and dedicated everything to eBay.  I finished my associates degree and never went back.  There were not many jobs out there that I could go for that would provide me with the amount of money and time I was getting with eBay.  Not long after that I told Gillmomma to quit her job as well.

That was the best decision we have ever made.  Not having to go to a conventional job allows us to focus more time with each other and the family.  Our sales have been awesome since that day and continue to climb.

Our goal is to help others achieve their financial goals from the comfort of their own home.  Whether you want some extra money, or want a full time online income we are here to help.


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