On August 20th the new evaluation standards will be put into action on eBay.  This is a new evaluating standard for all sellers.  These new standards are supposed to reward sellers who provide great service with more visibility and potential sales.

EBay will replace the old rating system with a transaction defect rate.  This will replace the four individual detailed seller rating requirements for evaluating seller performance.

This defect rate is going to be the percentage of your transactions with low item as described DSRs ( 1 2 or 3), A 1 star on ship time,  Negative and neutral feedback, eBay money back guarantee,  Returns initiated by buyer for item not as described, and seller cancelled transactions.  Each transaction only counts once.  Ship cost and communication will no longer count.

The new seller standards are 2% for Top Rated Sellers and 5% for everyone else.  The Top Rated Plus requirements will be the same except for one thing, you have to allow returns till January 31st for transactions from Nov. 1st to Dec 31st.  This a new Holiday returns program.

These defect percentages will not count against you until you have 8 defect marks against you in your 3 month cycle, or 5 for Top Rated Sellers.

On April 16th you will get to see a preview of where you stand.  On may 1st sellers on a 3 month evaluation cycle will be in the new standards, and sellers on a 12 month evaluation will be on the old standards.  August 20th will be when the new seller standards apply for everyone.


I am not really sure where I stand on this at the moment.  From what I can tell it looks good for the most part.  It doesn’t sound too bad, but we will see if this is good for the seller or bad.

Buyers will no longer be able to mark you down for shipping costs or communication.

This is a big improvement and I have been bitching about this for a long time.  The buyer knows what the shipping cost is before they purchase the product.  Why eBay was allowing them to mark you down for that was beyond me.  It is nice to see them fix this.  The communication DSR was just irrelevant anyways.  EBay can see if you are responding to people, and if you’re not the buyer is going to give you bad marks anyways.

It is a defect if a buyer gives you 1, 2, or 3 stars on Item as Described

This doesn’t seem too bad, except I don’t really see a 3 star rating as a bad thing.  On Amazon a 3 star is still a good rating.  How could a 3 star 75% satisfied be bad?  That’s like saying if you get a 75% on a test you fail.  Oh well, most customers don’t leave a 3 on this DSR anyways it is either a 5 or a 1.

2% instead of .5% for Top Rated Seller

I do not think this will be a problem because a buyer can only ding you 1 time now.  Currently if a buyer is mad for any reason they can rate every one of your DSRs a 1, which equals 2%.  Now any one bad rating will be a ding on you.  I hope this works out for the better, but we will see when they show us our report card.

Seller cancelled transactions will count now

I do not like this one at all.  I think eBay needs to be more specific on this.  What about those people that buy something and then change their mind.  We are going to see if they will cancel the transaction so we don’t get dinged.

Shipping related problems

This is something that I think eBay needs to protect sellers.  What if you send something and it is lost or damaged in shipping.  Then you get an item not as described or a negative or neutral feedback.  Now these will count against you.  I know I have gotten a neutral for the item getting damage, and then just gave them a refund.  This shouldn’t be a factor.


I see a lot of good with the changes, from what I can tell.  There is still some room for improvement, just like anything else.  I am going to have to wait till April 16th until I decide if this is going to help my business or hurt it.  We do not have too many bad marks at the moment and currently have no problem keeping our Top Rated Seller.  I am adamant on keeping it, because if we lose it, we would lose our 20% off final value fees, extra shipping discounts, and higher visibility in best match ($500-$700 a month for us).






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