Free eBay Listings This Month!

Some really great news for all eBay sellers with stores.  From now until March 31, you get up to 2,500 more free listings.  If you do not have a store the offer is also available to anyone who goes and sets up a store.  eBay stores start at $19.99 a month, and if you are serious about running an eBay business you must get a store.  There are lots more features that can help you out.

The free promotion is available to auction and fixed price listings on eBay.  It excludes Buy It Now, Good til Cancelled, 1 day duration and 3 day duration.  Almost all categories are included.  It started on Thursday, March 6 and will run until Monday, March 31 2014.

If you want to activate this offer for your eBay account just click Activation required.   See terms and conditions for full details.

Lets get listing everyone!!

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