Join Us Tonight Private Label Talk


Jake Robinson is interviewing us tonight.  Be sure to be there with your questions.  We have tons of people ask us so many questions about making your own products and brand.  Terry is going to be asking us all your questions tonight.  It starts at 6pm pacific / 9 eastern.  Register and put your questions in.

Register link:

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How to Source Products on Alibaba and Aliexpress


A quick run down of how to use Alibaba and Aliexpress to find products to sell.  You can find stuff for eBay or for Amazon.  Hopefully this will help people getting into private labeling or just looking for stuff to sell.

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Drop Shipping With Cesar Ramirez

Here is the webinar I did with Cesar Ramirez if you missed it.  I really liked what he has done with his software and coaching.  I wanted to show it to others.  This is a great method of increasing what you already do online.  Unfortunately this service is not for free, I know , I know we want everything to be free.  I will tell you guys that I pay about $500 monthly for sites, tools, and software to help increase my profit every month.  I can tell you they don’t cost me a dime in the end, in fact they pay me because I generate way more money using them.  Even if you aren’t wanting to sign up for Cesar’s program, he did offer some pretty neat ways to generate money through drop shipping.  I will say that the process is pretty interesting, because you don’t have to fork out lots of money for products.  All it takes is some time on your part to make some money with this.  Hope you guys get something from the Webinar.    ENJOY!

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Yardselling For Profit and Fun


Another fun yardselling trip guys.  Enjoy

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How to Increase Your Sales on eBay and Make More Money

I wanted to answer many of the questions that I see in the groups about increasing your sales on eBay. These are just the way I do things. They aren’t law and if you do things differently and it works for your business model then great. Hopefully some of these ideas will help you make more money on eBay.


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Eating the Moruga Trinidad Scorpion The Worlds 2nd Hottest Pepper!!

A little off topic, but someone had to do it.  This was the hottest thing both of us had ever eaten.  The good news is that you can grow these and sell them for a pretty good amount of money.  You can even find places online that sell them by the pound and put them in smaller lots on eBay and make that cash.  So go out and hunt for the Moruga Trinidad Scorpion.

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First picking trip of 2015

This was our first picking trip on 2015.  Not too bad for our first haul of the year.

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Gilldaddy and Gillmomma read comments!


Just wanted to do a fun video this time.  Not a whole lot of money making tips this time.  Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope you and your families have a great holiday season.  We will see you guys next time.

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Moved into a new warehouse

Just moved into our new warehouse and it is awesome!!! Check it out

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10K subscriber giveaway and getting $1500 in stuff to sell

Just a good old fashioned picking trip.  Even though the trip started out slow, we ended up pulling through in the end.  Make sure to comment on the video to enter to win the prize.



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