Finding *$%# to sell on eBay on Valentines Day


We spent our Valentines thrift store shopping.  That’s what we love to do.  Spent $111 and will have an approximate selling price of $1314.


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Cool way to turn a Priority Flat Rate envelope into a package.

Someone messaged me with this Pinterest post and I thought it was way cool.  Just something that I thought you guys would like.  Special thanks to Zachary Scott for showing me this.  I have heard of some USPS locations not allowing you to do this.  I have never had an issue, but I will not be using this just in case.  You could always do this and put it in a priority bubble mailer instead.


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Over the next few weeks, eBay is launching a new seller dashboard.  This is for everyone with at least 1 sale.  This is supposed to make it easier to see your performance, in hopes that it will improve your sales.


  • Be able to see your current and upcoming evaluation cycle, without having to click through a bunch of screens.
  • Get alerts when you are about to lose your Top Rated status, or when you’re not meeting eBay’s standards.
  • Be able to see performance areas that need your attention, all on one page.
  • See your seller status for eBay UK, Germany, and your global rating on all the other eBay sites.

Personally I hope this update is as good as it sounds.  That is something that I feel eBay has needed to do for a long time.  It seems everytime you wanted to find something out about your status, you had to search their help section.  I am pretty good at finding most everything now, but that is only because I have done it before.  These statistics are important for people and can have a big impact on their business.  If I ever lost my Top Rated status I would lose about $700 a month.  I guess only time will tell if it is an improvement.

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How to Calculate Shipping for Your eBay Business


I hope this helps you guys.  This is how I calculate shipping for all my items.  If there is anything that I missed let me know.

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Q&A Questions From Viewers on Making Money on eBay


No picking video this week guys. Just wanted to answer some of the questions we have been getting a lot of. Thanks for watching and we hope you have a successful weekend.

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Snow and Picking for eBay Taking $214 and Turning it into $1429


Ok guys thank you for all of the positive comments. I am so glad that others can benefit from our videos. We spent $213.29 on this day and the total approximate selling price is $1429. Just more things to be on the lookout for.

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First Picking For eBay Trip in 2014 Spending $85 to get $900


Well guys this is our first trip in 2014. Happy new year to everyone. I hope you guys will have a super successful year. On this haul we spent $84.35 and everything will sell for about $900. Thank you everyone for your positive comments. We are thrilled that people are getting good stuff from our videos. Subscribe and thumbs up if you want to see more.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside Thrift Shopping For eBay


Okay guys here’s a quick trip on a cold day in December. We started with the outlet store and went to 7 more after that. These are the awesome things that we found! Hope everyone had a great Christmas, I know we did.

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Spending $160 to get back $1400 on eBay Thrift Store Picking GIVEAWAY RESULTS!!!


Well I said I would try to keep the videos short. I failed on this one lol. We went to multiple thrift stores, and it’s hard to keep them short and still give everyone great info. This was a nice thrift store shopping trip, for stuff to sell on eBay. In your face I hope you like it. We spent about $160 and will get a selling price of about $1468. Hope you guys are getting lots of info on how to find stuff to sell on eBay, and what to sell on eBay.

The winner of the 50lb scale is “Our Joyful Living” Congrats!!

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Short trip & How to Organize eBay Inventory (Tour)


We went out to get some shopping done for Thanksgiving. We couldn’t resist stopping at 3 thrift stores on the way. We spent about $48.74 and everything should sell for about $450. Also we show you how we organize our warehouse (garage). You will hopefully get some useful tips on how to organize all that swag.


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