Recommended Reading

Hey guys figured I would put this page up for everyone.  This is a list that will continue to grow as I find them and read them.

A lot of you already know that I am pretty passionate about reading, and I truly believe that if you read books that help you grow as a person.  You will be amazed with the things that get better in your life.

Most of these books are books that I have read or that I have on my reading list.  I included Amazon links if you are like me and want the physical books, but I am pretty sure most of them have Kindle versions too.

These are affiliate links so if you do make a purchase using these links we will get a small commission.  If you don’t want to give us any commission feel free to look for them on Amazon.  Also if you like to listen to audios check to see if there are audios on You Tube before buying them.

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