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Here is a list of the things we use for our eBay / Amazon business.  These are things that make your life easier when running your online business.  Most of these items are found on Amazon.  I like Amazon for buying these items because if they are a prime item and you have prime you get free shipping, or if you have more than $35 in purchases.  These are all affiliate links, so if you use them it helps  us out.  We appreciate all of your support.  These are all products that I actually buy and use.



This is a great service.  It is a Godaddy service and will save a lot of headache when tax time comes.  You can add your Paypal and Amazon business to this service.  They also have an app so you can keep track of your business on the go to.

Online Bookkeeping for $9.99/month with GoDaddy!


 ZEBRA LP-2844

The first thing I recommend is the Zebra thermal printer.  The Lp 2844 thermal printer will save you money time and time again because you do not have to buy ink.  The rolls of thermal paper for the printer are self adhesive and very small to fit on even the smallest package.  These rolls are cheaper than buying self adhesive labels for a standard printer.  You can use these to print your eBay postage and you can also purchase the Amazon size labels for labeling your Amazon items for FBA.  I recommend this printer if you are selling lots of items every month.  If you do not ship out lots of items yet you can get by with just paper.  These are very expensive new so I recommend buying a used or refurbished model.  We spent about $100 on ours.



These are the ones that I use they are 4 x 6 thermal labels.  Say goodbye to ink.  They print super fast and you can adjust the darkness too.  These are self adhesive so just peel and stick. The first link is for 1 roll. The 2nd one is for 4 rolls. It is cheaper per roll if you get the 4 pack.



I use these to print my labels for the FBA items.  These are the ones that you put over the barcodes on your items.



These will work for most standard printers.  You can print out your FBA labels on these.  Remember that Amazon recommends  you to use a thermal or laser printer to print these labels.  Many people have used normal printers with no issues, but it is up to you.




These are bags that are great for putting your Cd’s DVD’s, Games, and lots of other things into.  Use these before you ship out your items into FBA.  They will protect your items from the Amazon warehouses.




you will need these for bags that have an opening of 5″ or more, when sending things into Amazon.  These are really simple to attach to your bags before sending them in.




We used to use a cheap $20 scale, but soon realized that it was kind of a pain to use.  The problem is that if you have a large package it hides the screen so you would have to wait till the scale locked in the weight then take the package off.  This was also difficult when you had a heavy package.  With this scale it has a corded display so you can actually take the scale to the heavy package and read the weight on the display.  This thing is priced super cheap too.  You will not be disappointed  with this scale.  Plus if you have Amazon Prime you get free shipping.



The next item is a CD repair machine.  We get lots of video games, CD’s, PC software,  and DVD type items.  This machine will repair just about any scratch to make the disc look like new.  This is especially handy if you are selling media type items for Amazon FBA.  Most discs you can repair in 2 minutes.  The machine comes with all the solutions you need and it uses very little solution once the pads are used a few times.  I have not had to reorder any more solution or pads yet and we use this little guy a lot.  They have lots of different machines you can buy, but this one is priced much lower than the high end machines and does an awesome job.  Check it out if this is something you want.



This stuff will save you a ton on shipping supplies.  You can wrap things like receivers and big electronics then fill a box with packing peanuts and surround your item.  This way you don’t have to keep using bubble wrap.  You also use this stuff to wrap your amazon items to send into FBA.  Trust me you need to have this stuff.


If you want to get it on eBay you can buy it in bulk much cheaper.  Just search eBay for Earth wrap and get the size you want.


We started using one of these and man it will save you some time.  You ever get a box that is the perfect size but is way too deep.  With this contraption you can set your depth and it will score the sides so that the box bends perfectly at those seams.  Now you can be a box manufacturer.  Trust me this is a time saver.



Here is are the three things that we use religiously to remove all those pain in the ass stickers that stores use.  These things will save you so much time.  The goo works wonders, just put it on the label and let it sit for 15 minutes or more.  Then you just use the scotty peeler to remove the sticker.  We use the heat gun and embossing tool for labels that are on things that won’t get damaged by heat, like a board game.  Just heat up the label and use the Scotty peeler to remove the label.  DO NOT HEAT UP LABELS THAT ARE ON ITEMS IN PLASTIC.  IT WILL MELT THE PLASTIC!






This is an app for your iphone or Android smartphone.  This is a great scouting tool for finding products on amazon.  We bought this to help us scout items for Amazon and it works like a dream.  You can get this app in your app store or google play store.  The app is only $10 a month.  You will need to upgrade it to use your scan tool which I highly recommend if your going to get serious with amazon.  You can use your phones camera to scan items, but it is so much faster with a scan fob.  To upgrade to use your scan fob it is a one time charge of 48.99.  This service is awesome because you do not have to pay a monthly fee like some other services charge.  This uses your internet to look up real time information on the products, so you do not have to download the Amazon data base all the time.  The only downfall that I can see is you have to have an internet connection to use this.  Which for us we always have anyways in our area.

Make money with your phone. Scan any barcode and find out how much profit you can make by selling the item on Amazon. Profit Bandit uses a 15-factor profit calculator to provide the most accurate profit figure, including postage rates and all FBA fees.

7-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Buy with Confidence
Buy now then email us for a full refund if you’re not satisfied

Don’t pay $50/month for other apps. Profit Bandit provides more functionality for a fraction of the price. It’s the best-value scouting app. Period.

You WILL make the money that you spent on this app. Guaranteed.


• Bluetooth scanner support (requires additional In-app Purchase)
• Voice search
• Search CamelCamelCamel, eBay, Pricegrabber and others directly from the app
• Highlights offers from “MegaSellers” (high-volume FBA Sellers). This is very often an offer from Amazon.
• Oversize item notification
• Tap any seller to base your profit from
• Auto-calculate or manual adjust the sell price
• One-handed scouting: shake the phone to scan
• Show Net Profit ($) or Profit Margin (%)
• Customizable color scheme
• Scan History
• Offline scanning
• Amazon web view
• Continuous/Batch scan mode
• Blind scouting: Profit, SalesRank and/or # of sellers can be spoken aloud using TTS. Pair with a bluetooth scanner and your phone can stay in our pocket while you scout!
• Profit amount and SalesRank level Vibrate Alerts
• Supports ZXing Barcode Scanner. ShopSavvy barcode scanner is built-in. Bluetooth scanners are also supported (but require an paid add-on)
• See other sellers’ prices for FBA, New, Used and Collectible items
• Supports Amazon USA, UK, France, Germany and Canada
• Search by barcode or keywords
• See an itemized list of the profit calculation if you click the profit amount
• Display weight and SalesRank
• Save store location in Shipment CSV

If you’re an FBA seller Profit Bandit calculates all the FBA fees for you and even lets you input your custom shipping rate to give you an even more accurate profit calculation.

Even if you’re not an FBA seller Profit Bandit uses USPS Postage Rates (or Royal Mail for UK and Canada Post for CA) and Amazon Marketplace fees to calculate a precise profit figure.

Potential uses:

• Scan clearance and closeout items
• Pick out the most valuable items at a garage sale or thrift store
• Resellers can instantly assess the value of an item
• Scan every item in your house or business to scout potential profit

FBA SELLERS: Add products to your “Shipment” list, then either save or email a CSV spreadsheet of your shipment that can be used to upload inventory to Amazon or as a reference document.

Profit Calculation Factors:

• Postage Rates (USPS media mail/1st class/parcel post, Royal Mail for UK)
• Amazon Variable closing fee
• Amazon Referral Fee
• Amazon Fixed Closing Fee
• Amazon Shipping credit (non-FBA)
• FBA Order handling fee
• FBA Pick & Pack fee
• FBA Oversize fee
• FBA Zero Fee Fulfillment (over $300)
• FBA Weight handling fee
• FBA 30-day Storage Fee
• FBA Shipping Rate (user provided)
• Your cost to purchase item (user provided)
• Auto-calculated sell price on Amazon (can also be specified by user)



I bought this scanner because it was super small and discrete.  There are lots of different scanners you can buy, but they are very expensive.  This one was the best priced one that I could find and it is working great for me.  We just ordered one for Gillmomma too.  The settings are fully customizable and the instructions make it really easy to understand.  You can also connect it via bluetooth to your computer, so if your computer doesn’t have bluetooth I recommend buying a bluetooth adapter for your laptop or pc.



This scanner connects to your computer and works great.  When you are listing your items into FBA it will save you a ton of time just scanning the item in.  You can use your bluetooth scanner if your computer has bluetooth build into it.  It is just a pain in the ass connecting it to your computer then connecting it to your phone.  With this you won’t need to do that.



You need one of these to help you run your business and be supportive of everything you do.  She is amazing at what she does and does not complain too much when told what to do.  Sometimes you have to get after her a bit to get her motivated but all in all shes a great asset to have.  Mine is not for sale but I hear you can find some good ones on Russian mail order catalogs.



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